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Facebook is not going to delete posts with 10 dislikes

Mark Zuckerberg, on September 15, 2015,  announced that Facebook is working to introduce a “Dislike Button”, because of scores of


How to Use Facebook to Find a Suitable Job

By Muneeb Iqbal and Nasreen Lakhdhir Facebook is a social networking website that can be beneficial for those people who


Facebook to Bring Video Matching Technology to Curb Piracy

By Muneeb Iqbal and Nasreen Lakhdhir So, you’re a great singer and you recorded yourself singing one of the most


1 Billion People Used Facebook on 24th August 2015

On Monday 24th August 2015, 1 billion people used Facebook, this is for the first time that it surpassed such

Gadgets and Devices

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  There is nothing more convenient than having wireless charger. We are now living in a technology dominated society wherein

Sell the desktop and leave the laptop at the office. A USB flash drive and maybe your smart phone is

By Muneeb Iqbal Apple swiped in faster than a debit card on a terminal before Burlington’s closing time. It totally

Apple has made 2 filings with FCC regarding its magic mouse and the wireless keyboard, according to the filings both